• Top quilt is 400 gr/m² Veronica fabric, 150 gr/m² fiber wadding and 0,8 cm foam.
  • Bottom quilt is 400 gr/m² Veronica fabric, 150 gr/m² fiber wadding.
  • Border quilt is Dark grey PES fabric and 0,8 cm foam.
  • Border quilt is Light grey PES fabric and 0,8 cm foam.
  • Grey tape edge on top, border and bottom.
  • Close mattress
  • 4 linear grey handles.
  • Veronica Embroidery

  • Supports the flexible sleep positions.
  • It has a breathable texture and soft touch.
  • Hybrid mattresses are the perfect combination of durability, resilience, heat transfer, and movement control.
  • Top Medium, Bottom Hard Firm Mattress.
  • Certified by Oeko-tex® standard 100.
  • The current height is 27 cm.

  • 3 cm 45 Dn Memory foam supply an optimal body support.
  • 18 cm Pocket springs control the pressure points and distributes the over pressure to the whole mattress surface.
  • 3cm 40 Dn Polyether foam supply durability and supportive comfort.

Hybrid Multi-layer Luxury mattress

  • 45 Dn NASA-1st Layer
  • 18 cm Pocket spring-2nd Layer
  • 40 Dn SG40-3rd Layer


Certificated by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® to keep human health and high quality at the top.

Made in Europe

Special Veronica mattress has been produced in Holland according to the European production standards.

Sustainable & Skin Friendly

The special mattress construction has been designed by using without harmfull chemicals to Human body and ecosystem.

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